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Those of us who are the story tellers of our tribe, we tell the story of our family as fact or fiction, in prose or poetry. We may create fictional accounts, but all fiction is based on a truth. Perhaps we interview others to better understand their lives or gain insight into their memories of the family. It is up to us to pass along to the next generation the stories we know or have created and to challenge them to answer the call and take our place in the long line of family storytellers.

I hope to share through my own stories some examples of what you may choose to do for your own family. Perhaps the ideas will remind you of your own experiences which you can then tell in your own words. Most of my writing follows the “creative nonfiction” of newer writing. My stories come from the facts uncovered through research or by interview or personal experience. I hope to show that by setting specific goals, a path will show the stories as clear, authentic, and believable.

You will see fiction writing techniques used to improve and fine tune the pieces. Observations from life combined with the tools of drama will demonstrate ways to develop characters (or reveal real people) in the stories. Occasionally, I will analyze a scene or test a story idea to decide point of view, so that you can learn how to do that, too. Throughout, I hope you will develop some editing skills so that you can share the best of your family stories to be remembered by future generations.

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