I began attending Pamela Erickson’s class several years ago. When I signed up for the class I had the idea that Pam was just going to walk us through each step and I would sit back and take a ride. She began class asking each member what they had done during the summer and who was new to class and why were they there. I, being sort of the sassy type, held up several pages of a genealogy my grandmother had written stating, “I have this Genealogy.” I was sure she was going to ooh and aha and say how wonderful. Instead she said, “Oh, that’s nice. And what proof do you have it is true?” I sat there rather dumb-founded and replied, “Well, none, except this paper.” This was my journey into the world of Genealogy. Pam peaked my curiosity and my stubbornness to become my family’s detective. She has inspired me to go to libraries, do research, write letters, visit cemeteries, find obituaries and use city directories, and also provided many useful websites. Our classmates are warm and friendly, sort like going to your favorite restaurant and meeting your friends to chat with. “Oh yes, did I mention they will also give you suggestions and help you, too? I can attest this has been one of the best classes I have ever taken in my life.
Gloria Behrens

I have been a student in Pamela's genealogy and writing classes since approximately 1995.  The help I've received in both areas has been so beneficial.  She is an excellent teacher and makes class fun and stimulating to the old gray matter.

Pamela Erickson has proven to be a very thorough and dedicated teacher of all Genealogy subject matter. I have been in her class now for more than 3 years and plan to continue going to her classes until she stops teaching.

I have attended Pamela Erickson Genealogy Class for several years. I have found her knowledge of Genealogy to be Outstanding and her ability to help me process the required information to help me fine my ancestry family.
— Glen Baker

Pam is a knowledgeable genealogy teacher and offer many insights in how to research and write your family history in a friendly environment.  The field trips are especially helpful and you also have fun. She is extremely generous with her time and individual help
— Kaye Kuhlmann

Pamela, I know that my interest in genealogy was encouraged greatly, not only by your knowledge but by your constant encouragement.  I only wish I could travel back to San Jose area for your weekly classes . . I do miss them! I hope you have great success with your classes and that they produce many 'finds'.
— Jeri Bray Paradise

If I had never joined Pamela's class, I'd still be floundering on my own without her guidance, teaching skills, and the networking support of her class members.
— Paula Zoccoli

If you are interested in genealogy, Pamela Erickson will make you love it!  I have gained so much information being in her class and learned so much. Do not pass this opportunity up!
— Stephanie M. Pritchett

Pamela Erickson is a very knowledgeable genealogy teacher who provides her students with tools to search for their family roots and to then organize the material that is found.  She plans road trips to several sites where we might not normally go for information.  She is always willing to go the extra mile to help us tackle those frustrating roadblocks.  Pamela is an excellent teacher who works very hard to keep us up to speed on the changing world of genealogy information.
— Phyllis House

I have been attending Pam's classes for many years and I like the fact that she chooses class topics that are of interest to the whole class.  The interaction, sharing and help from classmates adds immeasurably to the learning process.
— Ed Keelin

 Genealogy classes with Pamela have given me the proven methods and the inspiration to keep on track in my search for my family's history. She presents a wide variety of materials and approaches that allow us to tackle our "brick walls" in a logical and orderly manner. Student participation, computer sessions, lists of useful web sites, field trips and classes on topics we request narrow the wide field to a presentation of truly useful information. Each genealogy class with Pamela provides additional tools for my genealogy tool kit.

I highly recommend Pamela Erickson's genealogy class.  Her knowledge and expertise as been of inestimable assistance in my research.  The annual trip to the Family History Library is not to be missed. 
— Cory C.