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The assignment this week from 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks asked that we consider a favorite name from our ancestors. Looking through all my ancestors’ names, it’s difficult to select just one favorite name. I stock-vector-man-working-in-garden-vintage-illustration-from-la-petite-soeur-par-hector-malot-90914375do have some unusual names such as Jehu, Edny, Anna Stina, Lemly, Tena, Abel, Jexetta, Mentle, and Marzie.

vintage woman doing laundryHowever, Sabra Ann stands out as one of my favorites. Her complete name was Sabra Ann Baker, named after her mother’s mother, Sabra Vardiman. They are descendants of Rene Chastain, the original immigrant for this line who came from France via London as a French Huguenot. He, along with a boat-load of Huguenots, arrived in Jamestown in 1700 and continued up the James River for 50 miles to land granted to the group from the English king. I often wonder if his descendants knew the story of how much Rene gave up when he left France with his family but none of his wealth.

Another name I like is my great-grandmother’s name, Rebecca. In fact, I liked it so much that I offered it as consideration for a name for our daughter. The two names I chose were Rebecca Michelle and my husband chose Karen Ingrid. We selected one from each of our pairs, but Rebecca wasn’t selected. Name plaque from pexels dot com free image

Most of the men on my list of ancestors have common names. My father, for example, was James Andrew. I also have Charles, Peter, Paul, John, and Robert. Choosing just one favorite male name is impossible. As I learn more about each person, he becomes a favorite for that time. Do you do that, too?

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