When One Door Closes

when one door closes quote by Quotes Hunter

Wednesday, I looked at a closed door and had to decide what to do. I have taught in the older adult education department since January 1991 until they canceled the classes a few years ago. When that door closed, I found locations and continued my classes as best I could. With improved internet and more students using computers, I could create lessons and email instead of printing multiple paper copies. Everyone liked the changes and the classes grew stronger.

A year ago, my husband had surgery, followed by complications and a second surgery. He entered a rehab center and didn’t come home until my classes ended last spring. By fall, I knew I couldn’t continue teaching since he required a lot of assistance. Fall passed into winter and as spring approached, we had to make a hard decision: to move into a single story home near one of our children.

Getting back to the analogy of a door closing, Wednesday I attended my farewell party with some of my former students. Saying good-bye offered me an opportunity to thank them for a wonderful time sharing our passion for memoir writing and genealogy. But the reality is: I won’t see some of these people again and that makes me sad beyond words.

Winnie the Pooh saying goodbye

I could stay stuck in front of this closed door and dwell on the loss of these friendships and learning experiences. But I choose to look forward to what comes next. We will move to a new town where we’ll meet new friends and continue to develop our interests.

I’ll have the opportunity to return for visits and we have email, phones, and all manner of possibilities to encourage each other to keep learning and to keep developing our skills.

Now, where is that newly opened door?



The opening quote is from Quotes Hunter; the Winnie the Pooh picture had no attribution.

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